Snoring from BB Cool Luxe mattress?

So my husband and I purchased the BB Cool Luxe mattress (very comfortable, a little firmer then the Cloud-Luxe, and sleeps just as cool as our old innerspring…not sure if worth the premium over the Dreamfoam though) a few weeks ago.

We are currently using it on the floor, while we wait on our new bed frame to arrive. One thing I have noticed since we have received the mattress is that he now snores a lot more then he used to. Is it possible it is a side effect of having a foam mattress? Could it have to do with the fact we don’t have it on wood slats at the moment? Would something like the Aloe Alexis or the 10" Latex make it go back to the level it was previously? Or is this just an odd coincidence and something else may be at play?

Hi paladin,

Snoring is more common with back sleepers so the only thing I can think of is that for some reason he may be sleeping on his back more.

It may also be worth trying a slightly thicker pillow because it’s not uncommon that a new mattress needs a new pillow as well because the alignment of the head and neck would be different and if his head and neck isn’t supported in good alignment then it could affect his airway as well and increase the risk of snoring.