Snowmass softening

We have had our new Snowmass mattress for two weeks now and my husband and I both love it. We have never slept better. But we are concerned because my side of the bed has a 1/2 inch indention where my hips are. Is this normal or should we be asking for a replacement. My husband’s side does not have this and he is heavier than I am. It still sleeps great but we are worried that this is going to get worse.

I should add that we also have a 2 inch memory foam topper on this bed, which makes the indention that much more troubling. I would think that the top layer would wear before the ones underneath. We will really be disappointed if we have to get a different kind of bed. I’m hoping it is just a defect in this one bed and we can get another one just like it.

Hi sbulla,

There is certainly an initial softening period with any new mattress but it would be very unusual to have a 1/2" body impression after only two weeks. It does have an inch of polyfoam in the quilting but this is also not normally an issue.

You are the second forum member that has experienced some softening issues with the Snowmass in the last few days and I would definitely talk with the store where you bought it to see what they say because while some softening and breakin is normal … if you have 1/2" after only two weeks (and it can be measured with no weight on the mattress) it could indicate some defect in the materials.

As I mentioned in the other thread as well … I would make sure that it is not an issue with the foundation by examining and testing the mattress on the floor (without the memory foam on top of course) and using a straight edge or string across the impression to measure its depth.

They have discontinued both of their latex mattresses (the Aspen and the Snowmass) but they would likely have some still available if it is clear that this is an issue with your particular mattress.


I went to Denver mattress today, they said to rotate the mattress and try it for awhile longer and if we are still concerned about it they would order another one for us. I did not know that it had been discontinued, why is that?

We did put a straight edge on the mattress without the topper on it, it is a measurable impression. My husband built the bed and foundation out of solid oak and plywood that is not the problem it is level and solid with 6 supports under the bed.

Hi sbulla,

It’s always good to see that they are responsive to their customers and don’t put the same “barriers” in the way that is so common with larger manufacturers.

I don’t know why but they will be replacing them with other mattresses apparently … possibly other latex choices. Changing models is quite common with manufacturers for many reasons and is usually just part of regular business or marketing decisions or “refreshing” their lineup based on what they believe will be the most effective mix of mattresses.

I would agree with your salesperson that if this is more than the regular initial foam softening and doesn’t appear to be evening out that I would also exchange it.


There may be problem in particular that area where you sleep. You must have to go an expert and check it through them.