So many bed choices

So about a month ago I stayed at a fancy hotel and discovered I have been missing out. It wasn’t perfect but damn it was good. I got home to my terrible futon and decided when I moved apartments I would get a new mattress. After lurking here and reading tons of reviews I decided to try a Brooklyn Bedding BestMattressEver Queen in medium. However I have grown impatient and want it now. I plan on ordering it before this weekend. Now I just need something to put it on. I know the basics. I just don’t know what would be considered a decent budget buy. I am a grad student so I don’t have too much to spend but I want something which could last more than one move. Any advice would help, Thanks

Hi Kuby,

Any type of firm flat and non flexing support surface would generally be fine although I would make sure that there wasn’t more than about 5" gaps in between any slats in a foundation or support surface under the mattress (and less would be better).

While I don’t have any specific suggestions … some of the options that are listed in the foundation post here should be helpful.

Congratulations on your new mattress as well … you certainly made a great quality/value choice :slight_smile: