So much back pain in the morning

I purchased this mattress for me about a year ago.

At first it worked ok. Now I wake up with muscle pain in my back , I feel so tired even though I slept for 7 hours.

I flipped the mattress and its ok for one night then right back to the same muscle pain a day later. If I sleep on my side I wake up with hip pain.

I just want to be able to sleep peacefully and feel reguvinated when I wake up.

I also need this mattress to work with an adjustable bed as I am looking to get the tempurpedic ergo for snoring.

Hi @Dml33

Sorry to hear that your mattress investment didn’t last as long as you’d hoped. I have specialized experience in 100% organic latex mattresses, which in most cases, last tremendously longer than memory foam. In addition, the mattress can be customized using a series of layers in different densities. This is beneficial because a customer has the flexibility to tweak the layers of their mattress at any given time. For some, that’s post purchase as they figure out the perfect feel, and for others that’s in the future as their body may go through changes.

It sounds to be like the mattress is causing pressure pain, which could be related to being too firm on your joints and articulations. Can you please share a bit more about your body type? Do you predominately sleep on your side?

An adjustable bed will work great with a latex mattress because they are naturally very malleable and don’t loose their shape. Unlike memory foam, latex has an immediate response which means that the material will come up to meet the body as you move around to different positions.

I would highly recommend trying out a 100% latex mattress local to you to determine if this experience fits your needs. There are also a TON a resources on this platform which I am sure you will find helpful!

Laura - founder at Sunshine Mattress Co.