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He needed a reason, a way to explain the rsgole shift away from the wildly successful PlayStation 2, the dominant platform of the time, to the Xbox, which had yet to launch, and which in most Japanese eyes was doomed to failure. “What do you guys have to offer?” he asked, bluntly.

Eventually an exasperated Mikami boiled it down: ‘what is your philosophy? Sony says games are entertainment, something larger, fuelled by the Emotion Engine. Nintendo says games are toys, created by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, perhaps the greatest game developer of all time. What do you feel?’ Microsoft had no answer.“I almost jumped out the window because we had said repeatedly over and over and over that we aspire to enable games that could be considered to be art, much like fil”

Bachus says, "that because of the maturity of the development tools and the APIs and the power of the technology, game developers on Xbox would be able to concentrate on the finesse features that elevated games to being something more than they were otherwise.

"So the guy who reported to me said, ‘oh that’s so OSRS Gold great! I wish that I had known that.’ But unfortunately it was too late."Bachus flagged down Pat Ohura, the head of Xbox Japan at the time, and told him to jump on the next train to Osaka to salvage the deal. But he was too late. Mikami had already met with Nintendo and pledged Resident Evil to its consoles. “That’s why Resident Evil 4 was a Nintendo exclusive and it took a while for it to come to Xbox. That was very frustrating.”