"soft" latex mattress still too firm.

I’m 6’ 200 # WM ( over 80) side sleeper. My new “Sleep on Latex” soft ( 2 layer) nattress doesn’t cradle my hip and shoulders enough, and I wake up with joint pain. Is a latex topper likely to resolve this problem? If so, what thickness and firmness is suggested?

Hi jack3815,

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It is common for some people, especially when they are side sleepers, to need a little extra surface comfort in a latex mattress using a 6" firm core and a 2" plush top latex layer, like your current mattress. How much extra surface comfort and pressure relief you need is of course individual and depends upon your specific somatotype, width of shoulders and differential between shoulders/waist/hips and any other personal sensitivities.

My first and best suggestion would be a detailed phone call directly with Sleep on Latex and to ask their opinion. They are best equipped, through a database of customers with similar experiences, to best suggest what might offer you the most positive result with their products, as they would have the most intimate knowledge of all of their foams and particular combinations.

Generally speaking, for extra surface pressure relief, a softer (20 ILD on the Sleep on Latex site), in 1" (if you need just a little extra plushness) or 2" (if you need a bit more pressure point relief) would be common, but again I would first phone Sleep on Latex and seek their advice.

I’m interested to know what you decide to do and the results you achieve.