Soft side waterbed replacement

For over 25 years I’ve been sleeping on a waveless soft side waterbed but I’ve decided to replace it with a “regular” bed. I have tried out sleep number and the tempurpedic at hotels I’ve stayed at and both did not provide that waterbed feel I love. I stopped into a Urban Mattress store and started trying out all their beds. I immediately liked the 10" Urban Organics latex bed. It had the right amount of firmness while still providing the cushioning I am used to. I spent an hour laying on the bed in my usual side and stomach positions when I saw a 2" wool topper on display. I put it on the bed and I was in heaven, finally I had found the right combo with the same feel as my waterbed!! The addition of the wool topper provided that sink in feel without making it difficult to roll around. I ended up getting both the latex bed and the topper. It was an added bonus the bed is organic with cotton and wool ticking and the topper is organic wool with a cotton cover. The sales guy threw in two organic wool pillows which I’ve fallen in love with. After a year searching for that feel of a waterbed I’ve made the change and am now happily sleeping on latex and wool.

Hi Lolli,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

As it happens … you’ve chosen one of my favorite combinations of materials and I can certainly see why you’re in “mattress heaven”.

It seems you found your perfect combination of pressure relief and support and then added the “fine tuning” that made the “feel” just what you wanted.

Happy sleeping!