solid talalay or layered

We are buying a talaly mattress with adjustable bed frames. We are getting different answers from different retailers. My question–with the adjustable beds moving up and down in both upper torso and legs–which is better a 100% latex or one that is made in layers. One company is saying if it is pure —solid talalay —there is no room for movement to accommodate the different motions of the adjustable beds??

Hi Mradawg,

I’m not quite clear on what you are asking. A “100% latex mattress” can either be made in layers or with a single latex core (usually a single 6" core). Both can be 100% latex (meaning they don’t use any other materials besides the latex) and these would just be a difference in design that would both be suitable for use on an adjustable bed. they could also be referring to the “type” of latex in the sense that there is latex (both dunlop and Talalay) made with 100% NR (natural rubber) or a blend of NR and SBR (synthetic rubber).

Latex is very flexible (regardless of type) and all high quality latex … whether 100% natural or blended is ideal to use on an adjustable bed but even polyfoam or memory foam mattresses also work well (with a few exceptions based on the manufacturers recommendations). Innerspring mattresses need to use a special innerspring to be suitable for use on an adjustable bed.

Even with latex though … mattresses that are much thicker will not conform as well to the different positions of the bed but if the mattress is about 12" thick or less (and they most often contain about 8-9" of latex) then it would be fine.

Both Talalay and Dunlop would work well but I’m not sure if they are referring to the type of latex when they are saying “pure solid latex” or to the total latex content in the mattress.

Hopefully this has answered your question regardless of what they may have been referring to :slight_smile:

If not … then hopefully you can clarify what they may have meant.