Solving the problem of an active sleeper

I recently figured out the reason I am so tired is that my partner is a very active sleeper. After spending several days reading through this great site, I have concluded that we should purchase a king size memory foam mattress (we don’t want separate beds) to reduce the movement transfer (though I suspect our dogs will use the extra space!). Does this reasoning make sense?

We loved the Temperpedic Cloud Luxe in the store and are considering the Select Foam Cirrus Luxe ES.

Is there reason to be concerned that this bed may be too soft to provide the support we need? I also read that this bed does not feel as soft as the Temperpedic when it first arrives. Is it typical for the mattress to take time to soften up? How long?

And finally, we are considering the adjustable base, but I 've read that the base doesn’t work well with the 13" mattress. Is that true?

I appreciate any insights on this decision.


Hi Sweinstein,

Yes … memory foam is the most motion isolating of all the foams and if this is your biggest priority it would certainly make sense and likely be worth any tradeoffs that may be involved with the choice of any material vs another…

As you can read in mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here … there is no formula that can predict whether a mattress will be suitable for a particular person but your personal testing on a similar mattress (such as the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe) would be the best way to know whether it meets your needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). More detailed conversations with Select Foam would also be helpful because they could give you more insights about how each of their mattresses works with different body types and sleeping styles based on “averages”. All new mattresses will go through an initial break in period that take a few weeks to 90 days or so (in the case of higher density memory foam or lighter people sometimes longer but 30 days or less is more of the norm). Even a new Tempurpedic takes time to feel like a Tempurpedic floor model.

This would depend on the specifics and flexibility of the foam in a mattress but in most cases it would be fine even though it may not conform as well as a thinner mattress.

It’s always better to ask these types of questions directly to the manufacturer though because they are more familiar with their own mattresses than anyone and would give you a much more definitive answer.


Hi Pheonix,
Thank you so much for your response. It sounds like our next step is to call Select Foam. And thanks for being there to help with this most important decision!!