Some more info re latex/MF and Brooklyn Bedding

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[quote]Having said all that now we can go to the most important part:
I was looking at several options in stores and online.
We went to Sleepys and tried the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze, TEMPUR-Weightless Supreme and A\another Sleeping Beauty Gabrielle (that I can’t find online). My wife really liked the last one.

When I started reading about matrresses I eliminated the Costco/Wal-Mart ones, as well as the Bed in a box and Novosbed.[/quote]

Post #1 here and the information it links to may help with the steps that can help you find the “best” mattress for you. It will help save you the time spent in even looking at major brands or any mattresses that don’t identify the layers inside them as well. While Novosbed may not be the best choice among all the ones available to you (they are more about marketing than “mattress people”) … at least they do identify the layers inside their mattresses and “meet” the criteria I use for memory foam mattresses.

You can read about the benefits of the Eurotop compared to their Ultra Plush in post #2 here. It would depend in other words on whether the extra benefits and lowered “risk” were worth the extra price to you.

[quote]2. Now, I’m trying to understnad the difference between the latex and the MF, and I know you will say this is apples to oranges, but still- shouldn’t a latex mattress be more expensive then a MF?
I saw this but no more about these two. . Will appreciate any assistance on the difference, pros and cons of these two.[/quote]

The price of a mattress will depend on the manufacturer that makes it as well as the cost of all the materials in the mattress itself not just on a specific layer. For example while 3" of memory foam may be less in most cases than 3" of latex … this is only one of the layers and components in a mattress.

You can read about the pros and cons of latex here and the pros and cons of memory foam here. Keep in mind as well that this is only about the materials themselves and not about the suitability of any of the thousands of mattresses that use different versions or layer combinations of each type of material may be for any particular person. In the end … the choice of material is about preference and each material has higher and lower quality versions.

This would depend on whether you were talking about the durability of a mattress or of a specific layer. There are many factors that are part of the durability of a mattress or even a layer itself (see post #2 here) but all other things being equal and not counting that some higher quality versions of memory foam may be more durable than some versions of latex and that there is some overlap between different types of each material … latex as a category would be more durable.

  1. I don’t want to come as rude, but I will be direct nevertheless: I couldn’t find any reviews/ company information or recommendations for Brooklyn Bedding anywhere on the internet except this site. How come?

I don’t know why this may be “rude” at all or even that “direct” … it’s just a question IMO. I have no way to explain why any particular mattress may have a certain number of reviews or where they are but as Coventry mentioned (thanks Coventry :)) there are many reviews of their mattress on this forum (Search Ultimate Dreams) and on Amazon as well as elsewhere (a google search on Ultimate Dreams latex will bring up some others as well). Even more important, they are transparent about the materials they use and when you know the specific layers of a mattress it’s much accurate to assess its quality and value than any review (you can see my thoughts about the limitations of reviews here). Brooklyn Bedding itself is not the “trade name” that they use but they also used to sell mattresses from their latexmattressshop site here and they also own R&S Mattress.

You could take the mattress apart to see the materials inside (as long as you knew what latex or polyfoam looked like) or you could remove a specific layer to weigh it (to check for density) or you could even have a material analyzed by a lab depending on the degree of verification you were looking for. There are also pictures on the forum of the latex they sell but I guess there comes a point where you would have to trust something or someone about the accuracy of the information you are getting.

They themselves (as a mattress manufacturer) are not no but the polyfoam and memory foam they use is made by an American foam producer that is CertiPur certified yes. No latex is CertiPur certified but they do use latex made by Latex International which is Oeko-Tex certified. NOTE: they are now CertiPur certified as a manufacturer.

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