Something cool to share: a mattress NOT for cheaters

Read this the other day:

Basically a mattress manufacturer in Spain decided to put sensors in mattresses and set up an alarm system to tell you if your partner is cheating.

A very cool and interesting concept (and certainly great for publicity) but I dont see how this product will actually sell or benefit general consumers. In my opinion its just a publicity stunt for the manufacturer to gain some media attention. Who knows? This mattress might be very comfortable lol

OMG! Thats hilarious…and sad

Time to leave this planet :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all,

I can just imagine the discussion between a couple that is shopping for a new mattress …

“Dear … I’d really like to get a Smartress so that I can catch you cheating … just for my peace of mind. You understand don’t you?”