Something equal to Nest Hybrid available in Canada?

Shipping costs are almost $500. And I cannot drive across the border easily to pick up.

I like much of what Nest offers in terms of returns, exchanges, and their hybrids. It’s what I’m looking for (I think).

Sparrow Hybrid:

Quilted Gel Memory Foam & Thermic Phase Change Cooling Cover | 4 lb.
Energex™ Temperature Responsive | Plush, 3 lb./10 ILD - Medium, 3.5 lb./ 20 ILD - Firm 4 lb./ 28 ILD
SmartFlow Support Foam | 1.5 lb./30 ILD
16 Gauge Reinforced Edge & Support Pocketed Coils (Up to 1032 Coils)
Base Support Foam | 3lb.

I like this combo of supportive based layer, pocketed coils, gel foam (for cooling factor).

I’m 5’3", female, 130 lbs, side sleeper with back issues, so firm is usually better.

I’m giving up on the Talalay Latex I currently have. It just doesn’t work for me so I’m back to square one of finding some pain relief for sleeping.

Hi Lu1968.

I like the Sparrow a lot, too. While I can’t say for sure how similar in feel one mattress may be in comparison to another (mostly because everyone has a different experience laying on a mattress) I think you may find the GhostBed Flex and GhostBed Luxe reasonable contenders who are already in Canada.

I hope this helps.


Thanks NikkiTMU. I did check out the Ghostbed site and find that reviews consistently report the softness of their mattresses, which is something I don’t want. I’ve tried one of their gel toppers though and do find it is cooler than any other foam topper.

For Nest/Sparrow - I"m just looking for similar structural components, not asking about finding a comparable “feel”.

I’m not finding anything in Canada that has a good reputation, offers specs on components that are adequate, and has hybrid models with gel foam instead of memory or other.