Something similar to BioTemp Ambience Lux?

We recently bought a BioTemp Ambience Lux from Urban Mattress in Austin (by the way, they were FABULOUS). So far we LOVE it. A friend came to visit us and she fell in love with our bed. She wants one similar, but lives in Houston where there are no Urban Mattresses. I have no idea what our bed consists of, besides it being a certain percentage of natural latex. You seem to be good at these things, so I’m hoping you can give me a breakdown so she knows what to ask for at her local stores. If you happen to know of any Houston stores that sell something similar, that would be AWESOME!

Thanks in advance!

Hi DameDawson,

I don’t know the layering of the Biotemp Ambience Lux but you could call Urban Mattress and they would likely be happy to tell you as much as they can. As you probably know … I think highly of them and they are very open and transparent about the mattresses they sell. There is a little more about the materials in the Bio-temp in post #6 and 7 here but not enough to really know the type of layering that may come close. In the end, even if you know the layering, it may not include the softness/firmness specs of every layer or it may be too “complex” to duplicate the exact layering and it may boil down to either this specific mattress or individual testing at some of the better manufacturers or outlets in Houston to find a mattress that has similar materials and a similar feel and performance even though the layers may be very different. I’m guessing though that the Celsion latex may be part of the reason both of you like it.

They are made by Sherwood Bedding in Arizona and when I checked their retail finder on their site and they didn’t have any retail outlets within 100 miles of Houston.

It also appears from this page on their site that they are planning to expand into Texas (it says coming soon) which means that they may be more widely available in TX soon.

You could probably talk with Urban Mattress to see if they would ship one to Houston and what the cost may be.

If you find out the layering … then if you post it here I could see if there may be something “in the ballpark” available in Houston. You’ve probably seen this but the list of the better outlets in Houston is in post #2 here and some of them may carry something similar (or with similar feel and performance) and there are also several manufacturers on the list that could custom build a mattress with good value using similar materials.

Hope this helps … and let me know if you find out any more about the layering details.