Something similar to pillows at the Fairmont hotel?

My wife and I recently stayed at the Fairmont in Washington DC and their pillows were a hell of a lot more comfortable than what we use at home. When I checked the label, I saw they were 50% goose down 50% goose feathers. but I didn’t see the manufacturer. I was wondering if anyone knows who makes them and where I could buy them or something similar.

Hi pooter03,

You should be able to buy them here (although I noticed that their description says 80% feather, 20% down so you may want to call the Fairmont in Washington to confirm that the pillow they sell is the same as the one you slept on).


I used to work in the hospitality industry and Downlite supplies a lot of pillows among hotels and inns, at one point they supplied Fairmont (and may still, I’m not sure), so their 50/50 pillow may be a close match if the version in the store link above doesn’t work out. I’m not sure if the Downlite hospitality line differs from public offerings at retail stores (the buying portal is different for wholesale accounts between the two), but they could probably put you in touch with a reseller if you can’t find it in stores. I know one of our favorite inns sells direct to it’s guests by special order if they like the pillows during their stay, and Downlite might be able to steer you to a retailer like that of the hospitality line.

We actually did before I made the post. They directed me to the same website. I called up customer service just to make sure, and they only sell the 80% feather version.

We ended up purchasing Royal Hotel’s Goose Down Pillow - 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton , King Size ( )

It was the same price with shipping as the Fairmont store and all the specs seem much better. All the reviews seem to be positive too. We are taking a bit of a risk being that we haven’t tried them, but worst comes to worst, we need pillows for the guest bedroom. :slight_smile:

It’s a mystery. As I said to Phoenix, we called up the hotel, and they directed us to the Fairmont store which sells a different pillow. The guy we talked to at the hotel says they have only used one brand for the past decade, I’m almost tempted to drive back down to DC to satisfy my curiosity, but we ended up purchasing a different pair of pillows anyway.

Hi pooter03,

Congratulations on your new pillows :slight_smile:

I’ll be interested in your feedback because the “negative” reviews (3 stars or less) includes a lot of information that is very different and conflicts with the more positive reviews (although that’s usually the norm with reviews for products that are more subjective).


How funny! I ran across this post after searching for the same pillows. I stayed at the Fairmont DC in 2016 and checked the pillow tag because they were so insanely comfortable and heavenly. The tag had the manufacturer (Down etc.) but not the fill info, which is also important. I called Down etc. to see if they could help and they were able to confirm that a couple of years ago (which would’ve been around the time of my visit), the Fairmont was placing orders for their 25/75 pillow, which would be this one:

If you believe the tag said 50/50, they also have that option:

I haven’t placed my order yet, but I hope this info helps someone!

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Yes, that’s funny … Thanks for adding the helpful info!