Sommex Super Luxe foam composition


My parents want to give a matress, but I can’t find anything online to assess its quality.

The manufacturer (Sommex) went bankrupt in 2015 and the retailer (Gagnon Freres) can’t help. I even called a manufacturer (Zedbed) who bought part of the Sommex equipment back then, but no luck.

Here’s what’s written on it:

Sommex Super Luxe
Nuit Apres Nuit
Ressort Mousse
Gagnon Freres
PC #004273

Someone can help please?

Thank you.

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Hi pmperron.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

I attempted to do some web sleuthing as well to see what I could uncover about this particular mattress and unfortunately came up empty-handed. Hopefully, someone that owns the mattress will see your post and add some more detail.

That said, as it is a used mattress you’ll have to assess the supportive and comfort properties as it relates to you. All this is also dependant on the materials and components and mattress configuration.
How old is the mattress is, and can you determine what it is made of?


Thanks for the feedback!

It’s probably around 10 years old but it’s been barely used (guest room).

The support layer is clearly made of pocket coils but the foam part remains a mystery.

I talked to the manufacturer who bought the banner when it went bankrupt but no info was passed on.

I’ve even been trying reaching out to people who used to work there back then but had no success so far.

Thank you.