Source for Unbiased Mattress Information

Dear Phoenix,

Thank you for the impressive depth of information on this website.

I have a question about partiality. Since this website promotes the use of smaller independent mattress manufacturers, there is an understandable bias against the large producers. How do we know we are getting unbiased, or more importantly, accurate, information from this site?

Are there any independent unbiased sources of mattress research that we can cross reference the claims made on this website? For example: foam densities and durability, quality of various materials, etc.

thank you,


Hi gentilr,

More than anything … this site promotes transparency and the ability of consumers to find out information that validates the claims that are being made about a mattress that they can verify for themselves and is self evident. Smaller manufacturers tend to be more open and transparent about the materials they use than the largest manufacturers and for those that do this their quality and value is self evident to consumers that have learned some basic information about the quality of foams and other materials.

They are not “promoted” because they are small, or “good” because they are listed or “promoted” here (some smaller manufacturers are no better than some of the larger ones and there are many sources of good quality and value besides the members of this site) … they are “promoted” because the odds are much higher of being able to buy a higher quality and value mattress and because they are willing and able to “educate” their customers instead of “selling them” based on marketing stories. You can read more about this in many of the pages on the main site (including the front page) and in forum posts such as post #404 here and post #4 here and post #22 here and post #12 here among many others.

You can also read some replies to similar questions in post #5 here and post #12 here.

There certainly are and a few of them are listed in the posts I linked in the last paragraph. There are many good sources of accurate and factual information for those that have the time to look and do the research and the patience and technical understanding to sort through the fluff and bias that you will often find to “extract” the accurate information that is available. This site is simply a source of many thousands of hours of conversations with knowledgeable people and thousands more of more technical research from reliable sources that are more focused on providing factual information than marketing a product.

You can see some examples of the type of reading I do on a regular basis in post #2 here and post #2 here

You won’t find any disagreement in the foam manufacturing industry for example that unfilled polymer density is the most important (but not the only) factor in the durability of a foam so if every manufacturer that produces it says the same thing and decades of mattress manufacturing experience validates it in real life … then it’s fairly safe to assume that it is correct :slight_smile: