Sources of wool batting that come precut for mattress sizes?

I’ve found a few places but the only one that comes with mattress sizes is this one

They demo it here

They mention it will have a slight sheepy smell, is that normal? I’ve never smelt anything like that in wool products before.

Check with sonoma wool company. Speak with Sawyer, they should be able to accommodate you. I just ordered batting from them and they were great! Tell him Norm from the MattressUnderGround referred you, they will accommodate most anything you need.

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Thanks. I just saw this video where they were talking about Joma wool in particular, seems to use a special crimping process to make it extra fluffy

Is this something that would be worth getting ? I tried searching online couldn’t find Joma batting available in the US.

What do you mean you could not find batting in the US, Sonoma Wool has wool batting. If you are referring to cotton batting- then you can contact Oregon Natural Fiber Mill. Their website is not “order” functional, but they may be able to supply you with what you need.

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I meant the Joma wool batting

Joma Wool® is carefully shorn from crossbred sheep, which freely roam amongst New Zealand expansive farmlands. New Zealand sheep are renowned for having the whitest, strongest and cleanest wool due to a combination of climate, care and expert farming practices.

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Foamorder Organic Cotton and Wool Batting | FoamOrder
It is 88" wide & you can purchase whatever yardage you need. I’ve had wonderful success with their foam products & their wool over the past 10-15 years.

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