SOUTHERLAND Kingston PT question


Phoenix, or anybody that happens to have one of these.

What’s the overall opinion of Southerland mattresses? We went to a Mattresses Unlimited store close to Nashville and laid on a couple Southerland mattresses after P directed us to some local retailers.

The one we’re specifically looking at is the Kingston Pillowtop medium plush.

I’ll paste a few tidbits below.

Support Layer: Foam Encasement, 805 LFK Coil Count, 2" of super soft foam, 7/8" of firm foam, 1" of Latex foam plus 3 7/8" of foams.
Comfort Layer: .5" of Latex foam plus 1" of memory foam plus 3" of varying foams.
Covering: Stretch knit fabric quilted infused with bamboo viscose

Granted this isn’t a 100% latex mattress but we liked how it felt and the price isn’t highway robbery. I feel better it’s made locally (per saleswoman) and compared to some other spots, the sales folks were nice, not pushy in any way and seemed generally knowledgeable.

They also said they’d throw in a free mattress protector and pay our sales tax. Not too shabby for parents of a 16 month old that seem to throw every extra dollar to toys or food for him. :silly:

Any help would be appreciated


Hi Lanky,

Southerland is a wholesale manufacturer that has been in business for a long time and was recently turned into an ESOP (employee owned).

Their focus is on mattresses which have better value than national brands but of course whether this is true depends on the materials in any particular mattress and on the purchase price of any particular mattress.

The mattress you are talking about has a lot of polyfoam in it and whether this represented good value would depend on the quality (density) of the polyfoam and on the price at the particular outlet that was selling it. At least the innerspring is good quality. This is not what I would call a latex mattress because there are only very thin layers of latex inside. I would also want to know the order of the layers because the website is not that clear. While this may be better value than a “typical” major brand mattress … with over 5" of non latex foam it isn’t a mattress or a price that I would normally consider. Their higher end mattresses also have listed prices here that I consider to be very high. I don’t know if this is the retailer or the normal pricing for Southerland (or just a base to get a huge discount from) but I would be very cautious before I bought this mattress and the value doesn’t seem to be so great considering the materials.