Southerland Mattresses

I recently purchased a SleepEz mattress and have had back pain that I never had had before. While I have been switching around layers I also have been looking around at other mattresses.

Phoenix I saw another post of yours that said you didn’t think they were a good value for the materials you are getting. I am looking at a king set for $1600. Here are the specifications of the mattress that I am looking at. Please let me know your thoughts on this. My back can’t take much more of this.

Hi Lewy,

The first thing I would suggest is to talk with Shawn because you are not limited to switching around the layers that you have but can do a layer exchange as well (if you haven’t already). They will work with you until you are happy or all possibilities have been exhausted.

Southerland is a large manufacturer (they are about #15 in the country) that is an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) which makes them a little unusual. A forum search on “Southerland ESOP” (you can just click this) will bring up a couple of posts that has more of my thoughts about them. With some exceptions … they seem to be somewhat overpriced at many of the retailers that sell them. While they are often better value than many larger manufactures … they are not in the “best value” range in most cases

The mattress you listed is a latex polyfoam hybrid with 4" of Talalay latex but doesn’t include any information about any of the other layers or components. For a latex hybrid (probably with a polyfoam base layer) … it also seems somewhat overpriced IMO but this may depend on the type and quality of the foam layers under the latex and on the “mattress only” price without the foundation (so that any comparisons are “apples to apples” and “mattress only to mattress only”).