Southern Los Angeles Area

Thank You for making your vast wealth of mattress knowledge and information available for anyone to read. I’ve been geeking-out reading a lot of information on this site the last couple days…

The topic that led me here was about the iComfort Genius. After reading the information I changed my mind. My secondary choice was the Tempurpedic simplicity, had to drop it off the list too after reading the available information on this site.

My choice now, is finding a store that does Tempurpedic clone with quality materials.

What’s currently on my list are a couple mattress from

10" Conform Select or the Regalis-HD

I would like to see whats available in my local area… but its difficult finding one that use quality materials. Can you recommend me a few to check out? I live near Torrance, CA, 90501 area, South Bay.

I’m purchasing a new bed because of lower back pain that’s been going on for months. I need to find a mattress that meets my needs.

I’m mainly a Side Sleeper, laying on my back needs to be comfortable, and siting lounge style watching TV needs comparability too… I’ve had foam toppers in the past, and i noticed i tend to sweat a lot during the summer… i’m thinking the gel-infused mem. foam will help against this… … I also had a 3" topper that made me feel like i’m inside a crater when I wake up in the morning. Additional requirement: Twin XL, a firm feel with a touch of plush, adjustable base compatible (something comparable to the ErgoMotion 400.

Hi camarce,

If by Tempurpedic clone you mean a mattress that matches the feel and construction of a specific Tempurpedic mattress, this may be difficult to find. If you just mean a memory foam mattress that provides you with the best possible PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) that uses the same quality of materials as the Tempurpedic … that will be much simpler. As you can see from post # here … it’s much easier to test each mattress against a common set of standards rather than trying to “match” a mattress using the mostly subjective memory of how a mattress felt several hours or days ago.

If you are looking online … then most better manufacturers or merchants will likely have a good idea of how their specific models match up with the Tempurpedic lineup. In the case of Select Foam … they have been specifically designed and tested to replicate the feel and performance of the Tempurpedic line.

The better options I’m aware of in the Greater Los Angeles area are in post #2 here. I would make a few calls to the ones that re closest to you (or the ones you are willing to visit) and ask them if they have any memory foam models which are similar in quality, feel, and performance to the Tempurpedic model you prefer.

Most of the gel foams are on the cooler end of memory foam but there are also more breathable memory foams that would also be cooler than more closed cell slower reacting memory foams. As a group though … memory foam will be a bit warmer than other types of more breathable foams because they will conform more exactly to your body shape and sink into them more. Even the gel memory foams once the temperature evens out can become more insulating and warmer even though they are cooler at first.

The quilting and ticking of the mattress along with your mattress protector and sheets and bedding will also have an effect on sleeping temperature and sometimes these can diminish or even negate the cooling benefits of gel foams or more breathable foams used in the comfort layers.

This is fairly common with memory foam although the faster reacting versions will have less of the “sleeping in mud” feel than the slower responding memory foams. Thicker layers can lead to this more than thin layers that have a fast response foam underneath (such as polyfoam or latex). Gel added to memory foam can also increase the support factor of memory foam which means that you may not sink in quite as far (although some memory foams without gel also have higher support factors particularly in higher densities).

Your personal testing on a mattress will be the most accurate way to know which type of memory foam mattress and layer combinations are most suitable for you.

It may also be worthwhile checking the store locators on a couple of California mattress manufacturers that make some better quality memory foam mattresses and have some locations near you.