Soy Foam?

Hi there,

I am looking for a latex mattress and came across this Craigslist post. I’m a bit confuzzled about the soy based foam concept. Isn’t foam a petrochemical product? Also, I looked on Urban Mattress’s site and could not find a model called Blossom.

Any illumination you could help provide would be most appreciated!

Thank you.

Evo Sleep “Blossom” mattress, queen-size, firm, $500 OBO. Originally purchased for $899. Organic Cotton. Practically brand new. Originally purchased at Urban Mattress, used two days on a new bed frame and in a new house with full mattress protector covering the mattress. Great mattress, just didn’t work for us. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Has been stored in original shipping bag.

Description from Urban Mattress:

"Evolution Sleep Series: All Soy Based Foam Core and Talalay Natural Latex. The most natural in Latex foam technology delivers long lasting support and conforming sleep surface for years to come. Solid soy bas foam core provides 100% motion separation and reduces off gassing. Natural Talalay Latex offers superior comfort life and pressure point relief. Organic Cotton covers finish the clean components in green sleep system alternatives.

Hi abe,

Yes … soy foam (or any of the other so called "plant based foam’) is mostly a marketing term and as much about greenwashing as anything else. You can read more about these types of foam (which are still just polyurethane foam) in post #2 here.

You can read a bit more about the Evosleep Blossom in post #10 here. It only has an inch of latex and 1.8 lb polyfoam in the support layers. I would want to know the density and thickness of the polyfoam in the comfort layers because this would likely be the weak link of a mattress like this.

A mattress is only as good as the quality of the materials and components inside it and before making any mattress purchase I would want to know the detailed specs of all the layers in the mattress (including the thickness of the layers, density of any memory foam or polyfoam, and the type and blend of any latex).

The “value” of a mattress is not relative to it’s regular selling price so much as it is in how it compares to other similar mattresses. I probably wouldn’t buy a used mattress at all when there are so many good value new choices but If I was to consider one I would be looking at a maximum of 50% of the cost of other similar mattresses (and possibly even less that that of its original price if the original price was already more than other similar mattresses).


Thank you so much for this thorough and helpful response. I’m so glad I found this site. I’m looking forward to finding a well-fitting mattress for the first time ever.