Spills on St. Dormeir mattress protector

​Hello all,

Can anyone relate any experience with a spill on the St. Dormeir mattress protector? Did the accident penetrate through to the mattress?

This week I’m taking delivery of materials for a DIY latex mattress (I’ll post details w/ pics later in a separate post … 99% of its specs came from many hours perusing this forum.:slight_smile: ) The lone missing piece of this puzzle is the mattress protector. I would prefer to use the most breathable protector available, but with young kids doing the unpredictable, plus a wife who keeps an open diet cola at bedside, a large-ish spill is a definite possibility.

Thanks a lot.

While the St Dormeir is called a mattress protector it is not water/moisture proof by any means. Just out of curiosity I poured a couple of tablespoons of water on mine and before long it had spread to the bottom of the pad.

Hi Madrigal,

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I would agree that a “water resistant” protector such as the St Dormeir probably isn’t the best choice when there is a higher possibility of a liquid “accident” and in this case either a thicker wool puddle pad with a cotton protector on top of it that would give you more time to remove the protector before the accident soaked through or a waterproof membrane type protector would likely be a better choice.