Spindle Mattress Blue Shoal (Company and Mattress Review)

Hi All,

I’d like to share with the forum my very positive experience with Spindle Mattress.
First, I would like to thank Phoenix for creating and hosting such a useful and informative forum. I’d also like to thank the various contributing members of the forum, as the information you have provided has been tremendously helpful to me in accomplishing my goal.

I was in the market for two mattresses, and did a ton of research and testing in the process. The difficulty for me in choosing a mattress is that I have various physical issues, particularly my back, neck, and shoulders. Over the years I was not able to find anything suitable. Originally, I tried various spring mattresses. Conventional Spring mattresses were lumpy and unsupportive. Then, I tried orthopedic mattresses and they did not have enough give that supported areas like the curvature of my neck and I would wake up with numb arms and an aching neck. Eventually, I gave up on spring mattresses and just settled on a 2.5 inch thick piece of foam, similar to a large car washing sponge, which I put in a cloth case and would use on a carpeted floor. However, after a few years of using this setup, it became untenable because it was messy, the foam smelled bad and would wear out and compress fairly quickly and I would have to replace the foam every 2 years.

About 6 months ago, I decided to give mattresses another shot and see if any new materials were available on the market. I scoured the internet and the two front runners were Memory Foam and Latex. Initially, I tried memory foam and immediately did not like the sinking feeling. Then I went to a few local places to give Latex a try. For various reasons (Lacking customer service, high prices, lack of latex choice) I did not purchase anything. However, during this process I concluded that Latex was the material of choice for me. Well, eventually I came across Spindle Mattress on this forum. I looked at the website, which was much more streamlined than most, did my research and gave them a call. I spoke with Neal Van Patten, the proprietor of Spindle and went through all of my concerns. He was very friendly and informative. Since I live 3000 miles away from Spindle and was hesitant because I couldn’t try the mattress, I called Neal multiple times over two weeks with various questions, all of which he happily answered to my satisfaction. In our last conversation, I went ahead and placed a phone order and bought The Blue Shoal Mattress, with a wool cover upgrade (which I wasn’t even aware of) on his recommendation, in a full size. I bought a secondary mattress, which I customized according to my own wishes.

The Mattress components arrived neatly packed, without the foam being compressed, in sturdy boxes with explicit instructions and labeling. I was able to put it together rather easily, and after having the mattresses for a month I can say the main mattress is wonderful. I had a slight issue with the other mattress, which was caused by my own mistake, when I disregarded Neal’s advice. However, when I called Neal he was very gracious and he worked things out with me to remedy the situation.

Thanks again to Phoenix and The Mattress Underground Forum, I was able to finally find the perfect mattress for me. All in all I could not ask for a better experience. In my opinion, Spindle Mattress provides one of the best deals out there. A wonderful product with great prices and best of all unbeatable customer service. I was impressed by how Neal was able to gauge the correct product to suit my needs (better than I could do for myself). As you could probably guess, I highly recommend anyone looking for a latex mattress to call Spindle and talk to Neal.

Hi Mill321,

I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback about Spindle in such detail!

As you know … I also think highly of Neal and Spindle and you certainly made some great quality/value choices and it’s great to see that your mattress “woes” are behind you.

Congratulations on your new mattresses :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix.

Yes, Neal really does provide a great product and uniquely great service. No way I would have had the knowledge or information to be able to hone in on a suitable mattress without this forum. Feels great to finally wake up feeling refreshed. I had almost forgotten that feeling in the last few years. Thanks again.