Spindle Mattress Co

Has anyone purchased a mattress from Spindle Mattress? I saw the name mentioned in the forum but have not seen where anyone has purchased one.
There prices look very good and they are US made including the latex.
If anyone has any information on them that would be appreciated.

Hi gskinner,

As you mentioned they are quite new and I don’t think there has been anyone that has mentioned buying from them yet or provided feedback although there are some that are considering it and they are well worth talking to.

In terms of quality … a mattress is only as good as the quality of the construction, components, and materials inside it regardless of the name on the label of the mattress and latex is a high quality material compared to other types of foam regardless of the type of latex. Of course 100% synthetic latex is less costly than 100% natural latex (they offer both in toppers and 100% natural in their mattresses).

You can see some of my thoughts about them in post #6 here and in post #2 here.


Thanks for the reply. Those are the posts where I saw the name mentioned. I have read in many places where 100% natural latex is the only way to go but is there anything really wrong with 100% synthetic?

Hi gskinner,

No … there is nothing “wrong” with it at all and the choice between the different types of latex would be a matter of personal preferences, budget, and each person’s personal value equation. Latex in any form is a superior material in terms of durability and performance to most other materials or types of foam. You can read about some of the differences between natural rubber and synthetic rubber with links to some references in post #2 here.


Hi Phoenix,

Thanks for this forum it has been very helpful in my selection of a new mattress.

I have looked at most of the member companies and decided to go with Spindle Mattress. I spoke with Neil this morning and we had a great conversation. He is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions and was very patient. I think their prices are hard to beat and unlike many of the other companies I looked at they can ship very quickly. I was intending to purchase the Natural Latex and after speaking with him decided to save $600 and go with the synthetic latex. He assured me that the durability and performance would be the same based on his research and experience. I purchased a Queen Abscond - 10" Latex Mattress for $799 - 5% discount for forum members. Based on our conversation he recommended the Medium configuration. This is 2 3" layers of firm topped with a 3" layer of medium. We also talked about the comfort exchange they offer if I decided I needed to change this configuration.

It should ship out tomorrow and will I give an update when I receive it. He mentioned they stock more of the synthetic and are able to ship those quicker but the lead time on the natural is only 3 - 4 days.


Hi rob1261,

Thanks for your feedback and as you know I also think highly of Neal and Spindle Mattress (which is why they are among the newest additions to the membership here).

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive your mattress.

Most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress … I think you made a great choice :slight_smile:


I think I will be headed down that route (synthetic, 10inch, medium) as well — hard to beat the price and Neal seems quite knowledgable/open.