Spindle Mattress experience

Last week I purchased a mattress from Spindle Mattress and I just wanted to give some feedback on the experience.

I am new to the world of latex mattresses and I heard about Spindle here on MU. We first went to Jordan’s and although they definitely have some nice mattresses, wow they are expensive. We then went to Boston Bed and were very underwhelmed with the selection. We decided to take a look at Spindle since we were local. So we went to the showroom and met with the owner Neal. In a nutshell, we really liked him a lot. He was very patient answering our questions and we both had a high trust level of him. We purchased a queen synthetic latex mattress (between their firm and medium) and we had it that day. Mattress is wonderful (granted, it’s only been a week) and already both my wife’s and my back are feeling much better.

Anyway, I just want to add my voice to the positive feedback about Spindle. I think it is definitely worth a look, and if you are local (Acton, MA) you really should go in and talk to Neal.


Hi jeffbrainerd,

Thanks for the feedback about Spindle Mattress … I appreciate it. They are a newer manufacturer and haven’t had as many mentions on the forum although I do think highly of them and Neal (which is why they were invited to become a member here).

Most of all … congratulations on your new mattress … I think you made a great choice :slight_smile: