Spindle Mattress vs. Flobeds


  1. Spoke with Flobeds tonight. Their rep told me they dropped Latex Intl completely
    and are now using Radion. Do you have any thoughts on this? As you know they are
    not cheap with the vzone running $3300 + shipping.

  2. Spindle Mattress vs. Flobeds - The pricing on these 2 could not be more opposite.
    The Spindle looks like too good of a deal…They seem to be brand new in the space.
    Do you feel their materials are high quality?

I have been considering Sleepez and Flobeds for the most part.
6 foot 190 side sleeper here who does some stomach sleeping.

I don’t mind spending money…just want to make sure I am getting a good value for
what is spent.


Hi mbacfp,

Radium makes very high quality Talalay latex and there are many manufacturers that choose them because some of the quality control issues that Latex International has had over the last few years has led to some loss of confidence in the consistent quality of their product. Latex International is certainly taking steps to correct these issues but it can take some time to restore confidence in a product when there have been some quality issues.

The FloBeds vZone is great value because it offers zoning options that aren’t available elsewhere and for those that would benefit from this type of zoning the value of sleeping better would easily justify the extra cost. Value is about much more than the price or material value of a product and when you look back on a mattress purchase a decade from now you will remember much more about how well you slept in that time than you will about the price you paid … although of course the purchase price is always part of the value of a mattress purchase.

You can see some of my comments about Spindle Mattress in post #6 here.

In the lengthy conversation I had with them they were quite passionately “defending” the value of some other mattresses that they were very familiar with that were much more costly than the mattresses they sell. These were more than twice the cost of their highest priced mattress in one case even though they were also “latex” mattresses. I mention this to show that they truly believe in the value of a good quality latex mattress and are not trying to just “promote” what they sell over other manufacturers. The goal of Spindle is to offer a latex mattress that is in a lower budget range that uses less costly versions of latex or lower cost covers and quilting materials (which are still good quality) so that people have a more budget friendly or entry level way to sleep on latex. They would be the first to acknowledge that their mattress is not the same as some other higher cost latex mattresses that use higher cost materials, covers, or components but they are great quality and value nonetheless. Latex is a high quality material compared to other types of foam no matter what version it may be.

All three of the manufacturers you are mentioning have great quality and value mattresses in their budget range and each have their own unique benefits and options. In other words you are choosing between “good and good” and none of them have any “weak links” in the mattress. When you have eliminated the worst choices and are making choices between mattresses that are all great quality and value but in different price ranges and that have different options, components, and materials, then post #2 here can help you make the final choice that best meet your own personal value equation.

In terms of quality and value … none of these would be a “mistake”.