Split Cal King mattresses?

I’ve been researching mattresses to replace my aging and sagging spring one. I am definitely getting a latex one this time and this forum has been a very helpful resource researching that. Thank you Phoenix and other contributors!

After seeing an adjustable frame in a store, I am now considering getting an adjustable frame too, likely the Reverie 5D. I think I would prefer a split version, though I’m not completely sold yet on the mattress being split. However, none of the online merchants seem to offer a split California king version.
So here are my questions:

  • do you know if it’s possible to get a split Cal King mattress (really 2 mattresses of half the CA King dimensions)?
  • is the Reverie 5D Cal king frame always a split model with the option of locking the 2 halves together?
  • are the Cal king mattresses, split or not, made by taking a more standard size and cutting/glueing additional latex to it (I heard that in a store) ?


Hi philippe,

[quote]- do you know if it’s possible to get a split Cal King mattress (really 2 mattresses of half the CA King dimensions)?

  • is the Reverie 5D Cal king frame always a split model with the option of locking the 2 halves together?[/quote]

They carry the Reverie split Cal King here along with other models … and other retailers may have them as well (I didn’t check). If you do decide to purchase here make sure you use the “make an offer” link.

It depends on the type of latex. In the case of Talalay they would be fabricated from smaller mold sizes so they would have a seam. In the case of molded Dunlop it depends on the manufacturer and their mold sizes but for a Cal King then probably yes. If the Dunlop is continuous pour (made on a belt instead of in a mold) then there would usually be no glue seam.


It does look like from that web site that the Cal King Reverie frame is always split and it can be configured to have the two halves move together or not:
“Splits for Queen, Cali King, and King models can be programmed to move independently or together”

The reason I was asking that is that in the event I can’t find a split CA king mattress and I go with a regular CA King flobed mattress that is internally split (well except for the comfort layer, which shouldn’t be too hard to cut), I still have the option of finding the split covers in the future or having them custom made and then I can switch from non split to split with the same frame and latex layers.

So you haven’t heard of any merchant doing half Cal King latex mattresses (36x84)?

Hi philippe,

Yes … the Cal King and King adjustable would always be split and the Queens come in either a single unit or split.

I misunderstood your last question and thought you were asking about the adjustable bed … not the mattress … oops. I’m not sure who has them as a standard option (I don’t know of any off the top of my head) although some manufacturers would probably make them as a custom option … probably at an extra cost. You would need to talk with them though to find out for certain.

It’s easy to cut latex with an electric knife and a straight edge for a guide.


I checked with the 2 merchants I am considering. Sleep EZ can do the 2 half cal king mattresses for the same price as 2 twin xl mattresses, so about $200 more than the cal king (for the type of mattress I’m considering), didn’t ask about about additional processing time. FloBeds can do it too for $100 extra and a little longer processing (2 weeks).

So since it’s possible with both, albeit at extra cost, time to decide between split or non split…

Hi philippe,

That’s good to know (I hadn’t asked either of them this question specifically) … and I appreciate you letting us know :slight_smile:

I think that the biggest issue for most people would be the importance of having each side of the adjustable bed operate individually vs the feel of the “split” in between the two mattresses if one or both of you tend to use the center of the mattress.


We have a split Cal King latex mattress from SleepEz. You can read my review on the site. We opted not to split the top (soft) layer but it seems like it would be easy to cut with an electric knife if a person wanted to. I have cut 3" memory foam before, this way. Ours is in one mattress cover and there is no way to tell there is a split underneath. There are some seams where length was added to make the latex Cal King length, I cannot feel or discern these in any way when laying on the mattress.