Split Top Layer of Queen Latex or Not?

First I want to thank you for this very informative site. The information presented here has been invaluable in my search for a new mattress.

We are getting closer to purchasing a SleepEz 10000 blended talalay mattress. We are both primarily side sleepers and feel that a configuration of soft, medium, firm will work for both of us. Our height/weights are as follows: 6’3" 185 lbs. and 5’5" 135 lbs. We will split the bottom two layers to allow for individual adjustments if they are needed but are wondering if it would be a good idea to order the top comfort layer in one solid piece. I am worried that we will be able to feel the seam if we split the top layer.

Hi AMS08,

With the wool quilted cover and the similarity of the split layers … it would be safe to say that only the most sensitive couple would feel the split. If you were using the unquilted cover or if the layering or each side had a bigger difference, then the transition in between them or the split in the middle could be more noticeable. The zip cover fits around the latex tightly and latex also is quite “sticky” so it would be rare for someone to notice the split in the layers with the standard cover although it may be possible for some.

If you are confident after talking with Shawn that the layering you have chosen is the best for both of you … and you are more sensitive or would feel better without a split in the top layer … then it would certainly be a reasonable option and perhaps a little “safer” but it would involve changing an entire top layer for two separate pieces if one of you needed to do an exchange. The other advantage of having separated top layers is that you retain the ability to re-arrange the layering on one side of the mattress only.

Like with everything else … everything is always a tradeoff … but in this case I would be quite comfortable that for most people it would not be an issue.