Split topper question

As a result of some past purchases I have a couple of 30 by 80 pieces of different ILDs that I’d like to make a topper out of. Can I just put them inside a cover and use as is, or will it only work as a topper if the pieces were glued together?

Also, are there any covers that come with straps that one can buy, as some of the memory foam toppers seem to have? Sliding has been a real issue with toppers.


There might be a small amount of separation without glue but not a big deal. You can usually find Spray Foam Adhesive at an upholstery supply store if needed. Amazon has it too - Amazon.com

I’m not aware of any covers coming with straps but you can always sew some on yourself. Just get some 1" wide elastic band.

Thank you kindly. Relatedly, I have seen at least one topper cover advertised that has a “non-skid” bottom surface, I don’t know if that’s just hype or if it might actually help with sliding.

Our topper covers use a different fabric on the bottom that does help resist sliding because it does have more grip than the top fabric. Not sure about other brands.

Hey Phoenix

I am trying to find a topper for some shoulder and hip pressure relief. I currently am sleeping on a Charles P. Rogers Estate Lifetime 5, but it’s still to firm for side sleeping. I believe the ILD of the latex is 28.

I was thinking either the 4lb visco gel topper from lake mattress + furniture
5lb from foamorder
or the 5.3lb from plushbeds

I also have a wool topper from holy lamb organics that I use currently, was hoping I could still use it on top of the memory foam.


I use a 3" #19 ILD Talalay latex for my hip and shoulder pressure points. Memory foam just collapses and doesn’t really give you any support and without support you won’t have good spine alignment which will lead to other problems.

Hey, so as far as latex goes, the top most layer is currently latex and I’m not too sure I like the feel. It pushes back a lot, very spongey. I think though memory foam is less “supportive” it’ll offer the pressure relief on my shoulder that latex doesn’t seem able to do

I disagree about the pressure relief of latex but you can find out on your own about memory foam. Whatever relief you do get will be short lived because of the decreased durability memory foam is famous for. I think the latex layer you have now is just not the right firmness for you.

Latex and memory foam have very different rebound rates which makes the latex feel springy (quick rebound) while the memory foam feels more like it hugs you (slow rebound) and often feels hotter to sleep on. How much force it takes to deflect the surface is yet another characteristic so the higher the ILD or density the harder it pushes back (less soft). Memory foam in my experience breaks down quite quickly in terms of deflection force while latex tends to be far more resilient and long lasting. I agree with Ken, sounds like your latex layers are too firm (you need a lower ILD).