Spring Air Helena Latex bed - Costco

Recently came across this bed for $1,450 for a Cal King at Costco:
Costco Spring Air Helena
It comes with:
1.5" Plush poly foam
1" Plush latex - Talalay 18 ILD
1" Medium latex - Talalay 24 ILD
1.5" Medium hybrid latex - Dunlop
.5" of latex lumbar support - Dunlop
Support core: 7" Soy based HD poly core 60% Soy

I realize the HD poly core is not as good as a pure latex core but the benefit of buying from Costco is the ability to return the entire bed for a full refund if it is not acceptable.

Has anyone purchased this bed that could comment on the quality or has anyone shopped the bed and have input on it?


Did you call them (or find the specs) to find out the type of latex? Your description is different from the website and if you did it’s great to know.

The materials include some good quality (at least the ones that you listed) and the polyfoam quilting is also in the thickness range of “acceptable” (@ an inch or so) but there are some “questionables” about this mattress…

Their “hybrid” latex is actually 1.45 lb polyfoam with a layer of latex enhanced foam laminated on top. This is not great quality foam and puts the polyfoam in the comfort layers over the thickness range I would tend to prefer.

Their base foam is also 1.45 lbs which IMO is not good quality for a base foam and would also be more subject to early softening.

Assuming that it really does have 2" of talalay … because of the other questionable materials I would still tend to avoid this because of possible longer term durability issues in both the comfort and support layers where they are “cheaping out” and would say that it’s “fair” value at best but certainly not the greatest.


Received this update today on the Helena mattress. This written response comes after receiving several conflicting verbal representations from Spring Air.

You called in about the item 640543 Spring Air Helena Latex Cal King Mattress Set. I am sorry this information took so long to get. Here is the information I was giving from our vendor. If you have anymore questions please contact our vendor Spring Air at 1-877-312-9959.

Quilting Poly Foam – 1.35# Density 15 ILD
Upholstery Latex Layers – 3.75# Density – 16 ILD (Dunlop Process Latex)
Support Base Core – 1.8# Density – 28 ILD
9% Soy Based Component

Even more leery of this product now since the makeup of the layers changes by the day depending on who you talk to. One day the latex is Talalay the next it is Dunlop. Suffice it to say this bed would likely breakdown to quickly.

I have had several customers who purchased “so called” latex mattresses from Costco in the last year or two however not this model specifically. Simply put, a latex mattress is only as good as it’s weakest component. With this model there are many weak components. When purchasing a latex mattress it’s more about the weight, weight equals durability. The reviews on Costco mattresses in general are terrible but most are with the Sealy products. It’s a percentage game with Costco and their suppliers allow them a percentage of returns, usually 5 to 10%. If I ever got a 5% return rate on the mattresses we produce I would find another line of work, that’s simply not acceptable to me.

Hi Kopavi,

As you say … the story keeps changing and this is not a good sign and doesn’t give me any confidence that they have it right. Like Ken says there are weak components and their email didn’t tell you anything about the type of latex they are using and also “skipped” the “hybrid” latex they use which is actually polyfoam (I have this information from some Spring Air factory specs I was given that included “hybrid latex”).

If you add the 1.5" 1.35 lb quilting foam to the 1.5" hybrid latex (polyfoam) that adds up to 3" in the comfort layers which is certainly a weak link. In addition to this it doesn’t say if the Dunlop is natural or blended.

It doesn’t look that great to me … especially when the price is approaching some all latex mattresses.