Spring Mattress Buying Guide


First let me thank you and the Underground for such an amazing site and for such detailed, well-documented and well-written articles. I’ve never seen so much information and contributions in one place about a subject that is having such a major impact on one’s life.

I live in Canada, my budget is a bit restrictive to go with my ideal mattress so am considering lower budget options … which I know may come at a “price” down the road because of durability, but as I am looking around I have a few questions.

I don’t like the feel of memory foam because of the lack of elasticity that you mention, but I am looking at pocket coils mattress options with polyfoam on top of springs and I’d like to know how does the polyfoam elasticity compare with the elasticity latex or springs? The main article about springs lists 3 grades of polyfoams which are not all “equal” and would like to know if the highest grade of HR poly is comparable in elasticity and durability with latex or the microcoils you mention in your article? Aside from being “plastic” and manmade are there any other disadvantages in using high-grade polyfoam?