Springfield Mattress company and Comforzen topper

Long time lurker on this site. Recently used the principles on this site to purchase a new mattress. It replaced our almost 25 year old mattress. We ended up buying a nearly identical mattress to the one we bought all those years ago. A 2 sided mattress with a bonnell spring support structure and high density foams. Made by Springfield mattress company. Springfield MO.

This company sells Restonic and tempur pedicure but also still makes some of their own mattresses. When the owner heard how pleased we had been with our old bed over such a long timeframe he offered to make us a similar bed to order.

The bed is great. I highly recommend this company to anyone in SW MO. One minor issue is that the bed is a bit firmer than we are used to. I think our old bed had softened up some over 25 years. I did some research here on toppers. Settled on a 2.5" comforzen gel memory foam topper. 4 lb density by the specs. That did the trick for my wife and I. I can’t imagine a more comfortable setup for us. This topper is about $100 at Sam’s club. Seems like a real steal at that price.

Just wanted to thank Pheonix and everyone on this site and also to put in a good word for Sprinfield mattress company and the Comforzen topper.

Hi glm38,

Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your experience with Springfield mattress … I appreciate it. I’ve also added a link to your feedback to their listing in the SW MO list here (and fixed the link which was broken).

It’s always great to see one more person realize the value of a good local manufacturer or retailer and make a mattress purchase that is educated and informed. I would say that’s one more for the “good guys”!

It’s also good to see that he made the mattress you bought because the last time I talked with him he was only making RV mattresses and not “regular” mattresses although he was thinking about it.

Most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress (and topper) :slight_smile:

You certainly made some good choices and I’m glad the forum was able to help you.


Yes you are correct that Springfield Mattress mostly sells name brands like Restonic and Tempurpedic now. But they do make a few of their own especially for those that request it. I got the feeling they have gotten several requests from their past customers. And they did have one model on the floor (of their own making).

I’m so glad we did some research before buying. We didn’t even know about the demise of one sided beds or that pillowtops were so problematic. Hopefully we get another 25 years from this one!

Thanks again.