Standing on the diving board.... about to take the plunge!

First time poster here - long time lurker! First of all my deep thanks to Phoenix and this board for the incredible resource, I can’t tell you what a great help this has been.

As you can tell by the title of this post I’m about to (put standard cliche for taking action here). I’m ready to purchase 9" talalay Latex Mattress— Organic Cotton/ Wool Quilted Cover via Ebay from our favorite outlet that sells “seconds”- are we allowed to mention names?.

I’m going with - from top to bottom - med/firm/firm. I tested out a latex bed in a reputable store that is a “member” and it seemed that the “firm” surface was the nicest, but I fear a store test isn’t sufficient so I’m going with a medium top and hope the wool quilt cover adds enough firm “edge”. If not, I can just flop the medium and firm layers.

As foundation I’m purchasing a wood platform bed with slats less then 3" apart, center rail support with center leg. Everything is Queen size. So, I know all choices are “personal taste” no one size fits all - but am I overlooking some obvious thing that will come back to bite me later? Is there a reason I shouldn’t purchase from this seller?

Thanks everyone, time for me to take the dive!

Hi califlefty,

Of course :slight_smile: I actually prefer it because it helps others to know who and what you are considering.

It seems to me that what you are considering is good value and while your “match” between the mattress you tested and the layering you are choosing may not be the same … it also appears that you have “thought through” how it may feel for you.

If you have added the “value” of a local purchase vs online in terms of risk and also are well aware that the original source of the materials you are buying chose not to use them in their own mattresses (and the potential risk in that as well) … then it seems to me that your choice is a good fit for your “value equation”. Mattresses 24/7 is open about their materials and they are selling what they claim to sell so I would have no hesitation is using them as a source if I was comfortable with the materials they were providing.