Starting over. Again. Giving up on Latex and Bed in a Box models

Been trying for over a year to get the right fit for me…all natural talalay latex was way too hard, various toppers, etc etc. So much money wasted. Tried Logan & Cove, then Ghost Bed Luxe, both too hard, not enough support.

I’m going to back to the old fashioned spring and pillow top mattresses. Except the last one I had was a Serta that gave out after 2 years, sagged in the middle. So I’m not sure what to look at next.

Single, small frame, 5"2’, 125 lbs, side sleeper. Old back injury, and previous shoulder injury.

Thoughts on what to look for when starting over, when I know that I do not want latex or the feel of foam on top?

In in Canada btw.

Hi Lu1968.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time (pun kind of intended, haha) finding the right mattress for you.

The large S brands tend to use less than durable materials in their quilted comfort layers. Have you had other pillow tops that you enjoyed? Was the Logan & Cove pillowtop amongst the ones you tried? Or was it a different model?


You might want to go to a high-end hotel and ask a staff member what they use, you might have to get a little creative

Hi @Lu1968,

It sounds like you have gone full circle, which can be both refreshing and frustrating. While latex is not for everyone, the main point I wanted to highlight is that all latex is not make equal, and the same goes for memory foam and spring mattress systems. You can spend $1000 on a memory foam/latex mattress, and you can also spend $5000 on a memory foam/latex mattress - and the difference is going to be in the quality, construction of density, overall thickness, outer cover that holds everything inside, etc. - all of which can vary the feel of the mattress greatly.

Some additional knowledge on latex (and not to try to convince you, but rather to give you a deeper understanding on how you could potentially revisit this as an option).

A talalay latex mattress can come in various different density levels, and in some cases, these layers can be rearranged or interchanged with other density levels which can be helpful for testing out during your sleep trial.

I would start with a check list of what’s important to you. From what I gathered so far, it should feel soft on top (suitable for a side sleeper), it should be flippable (keep in mind that mattresses that contain layers that are glued together will naturally wear down faster on top, and under the spot you sleep), it must have some sort of sleep trial or place for you to try…do the materials matter to you? organic vs. not?

There are a ton of resources here, and some great companies who all have the same mission, which is to help people sleep better. Wishing you the best of luck!!

Laura ~ Founder & CEO. Sunshine Mattress Co