Stearns and Foster Zen mattress at Sleep Country

I am so thank full for this site.
You are a wealth of information.
I am hoping you can assist me in my final decission.
I am on my second warrnity with Sleep Country.
My first was a latex mattress with soy foam that has not held its shape so they want to replace it with a Zen by Stearns and Foster who they tell me is Serta.
I have looked on line and found this is not a better mattress.
So the last call today said they would replace with a “smart latex” after reading the reviews on “smart” I am now smart enough to say “no way”
Sleep country will refund me my orginal mattress price less, less, less and at the end of “less” I have enough money to buy a blow up matress which is what I was sleeping on before I saved enough money to buy a real mattress.
So my question is…Is the Zen that bad?

Hi Arbutus,

Thanks for the kind words and I’m certainly happy to do what I can to help.

I hope that’s not a warning sign because most people in the industry would be well aware that Stearns & Foster is owned by Sealy not Serta.

The Stearns & Foster ZenBody Pure (which I’m assuming is the one you mean) is actually made of “smart latex”. It seems to me that they are somewhat confused. It’s actually one of the better Stearns & Foster options IMO and you can read some of my thoughts about it in this thread.

It’s certainly not great value but then neither are any of your other options at Sleep Country (I normally wouldn’t step foot through their door or any other chain store) so it may be one of the better “lower value” choices you have available. Make sure though that it’s the one that is all latex (check the law tag to make sure of the contents). Mostly synthetic Dunlop is not the greatest version of latex by any means but it’s still a better quality material than most of the alternatives.

Depending on the original price you paid and the amount of the refund you still may be better off getting the refund if there are some good quality/value manufacturers close to you. Some of these offer much higher quality mattresses at significantly lower prices than major manufacturers which may offset the deductions from a refund.