Still confused!

We need to replace our existing queen size mattress. We’ve been researching all over the web and have read all sorts of conflicting information. My wife ran across your site and we’ve found it very informative and has cleared up a lot. Thank you to all.
We’ve decided on a Latex mattress and thanks to your site many of our questions have been answered. Obviously we need to chose between Dunlop and Talalay or a mix of both.
I weigh 230 lb. and my wife weighs 94 lb. It appears from our research that we would benefit from a system where we could each have several firmness’s to chose from for our side. I thought I had it narrowed down to the Sleep EZ Select Sleep Latex Mattress and had to just decide what layers to be Dunlop or Talalay and what firmness of each. I believe they use a Dunlop blend and a Talalay blend. I thought I understood the difference between Talalay 100% natural and Talalay blend and thought the blend was better because it was more durable and would last longer. Then my wife ran across the web site for Sleeping Organic and I’ve gotten confused all over again. Their site states that you can buy their queen size where both sides can be configured for different firmness but you need to call them to order it and I don’t know if there is an additional cost for splitting it. More importantly they “proudly” state that their Latex is 100% Dunlop or Talalay and they don’t add any synthetic material. I truly can’t figure out which is best for us. I’d really appreciate your guidance. Thank you.

Hi Siek,

As unfortunate as it may be … conflicting information is the “norm” on the internet and much of it is more designed to sell mattresses than it is to provide accurate information.

There is more about the differences between Talalay and Dunlop in post #7 here that along with your conversations with online suppliers (or better yet any local testing you have done) will help you choose between them. The choice is really a preference choice rather than a “better/worse” choice since both of them are very high quality and durable materials but the most reliable way to decide which type of latex you tend to prefer would be based on your own local testing on different latex mattresses that used each type of latex.

With your weight difference split layering would certainly make sense. There is more about split layering in post #2 here.

The SleepEZ Natural Select Sleep line gives you a choice between 100% natural Dunlop or blended Talalay in each of the layers. The SleepEZ Organic Select Sleep line gives you a choice between 100% natural Dunlop or 100% natural Talalay and uses organic wool and cotton in the cover.

There is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #7 here and more about the differences between blended Talalay and 100% natural Talalay in post #2 here.

I don’t think that they charge extra for split layers but I’m not certain and you will need to talk with them anyway if you are considering them as one of your options so I would ask them to find out for sure. I do know that there is no additional cost for split layers with SleepEZ.


I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to me, especially so quickly. Your guidance to the various posts was a tremendous help. I’ve learned a GREAT DEAL from you and the posts from folks on your website. You are very gifted in your writing skills and attention to detail. Thank you, the information was invaluable.

Today we called SleepEZ and had the good fortune to talk with Shawn personally. He could not have been more patient or informative. He obviously knows his business very well and is superb at answering questions and explaining things down to my level, without sounding insulting.

With the education we received from you and your website and Shawn’s’ guidance we were able to make an informed decision on the mattress and configuration that we felt was best for us.

We ordered an Organic Select Sleep Latex, 13" Queen size split configured mattress. We feel confident that the configuration of the levels of firmness will meet our needs. However, as you know, we can swap sections around or if needed we have 90 days to send sections back for a different firmness to find the perfect solution for us at a small shipping fee.

I’ll let you know how we make out after we receive it and sleep on it for a while.

Thanks again, and by the way, Happy Father’s Day if it applies.

Hi Siek,

As you know I think you made a great quality/value choice … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Thank you … I am a proud father of two wonderful grown daughters (just over and under 30)!