Still searching (Washington DC area)!

I have read everything I can. This site is the best I have found, and I have read everything. But I still can get a mattress. Mine - which was a very expensive mattress - is so broken down that it is miserable, disrupts my sleep and hurts my spine. I am willing to spend whatever it takes for a great mattress but when I think I have found one, I search more and find many negatives. I would greatly prefer a pure recommendation for an online mattress (really want something in the premium or near premium level, I am 6’1" and 230 lbs, and I prefer a medium mattress) but I still try to sort through the 5 steps and the information and can’t find a solid straight recommendation. I will no longer go to a national chain after what I’ve read here; yesterday I took off work to drive 60 miles round trip to one of the stores recommended here and it was closed (yes I know, I should have called first). I am desperate! Can anyone just recommend a great mattress I can buy online?

Hi Da,

There are too many variables between different mattresses and different people for anyone to provide specific recommendations. There also isn’t a “formula” that you can plug in height/weight/sleeping position information that will come up with the “perfect” mattress. In general this will involve talking with various manufacturers or retailers on the phone and asking the questions and finding out the options that they would suggest for you. My goal is to help the forum members here to eliminate the worst choices and to help them narrow down their final options to choices between “good and good” and from that point onwards to “get out of the way” so that their conversations with the various manufacturers and retailers that are in their “final list” can help them determine their own “value equation” and which choice suits them best in terms of their needs and preferences.

At that point there is really no “best and worst” but only choices that are best for YOU and nobody else can determine this for you. If your final choices are all good quality and value then the tradeoffs between the objective, subjective, and intangible differences between your final choices are the best way to make your final decision.

If you are looking for an online purchase … I would first decide on the materials you are most interested in and then talk with the manufacturers on the list in post #21 here which offer these materials and let your conversations and their guidance help you make the best choice based on the criteria that are most important to you (along the lines of post #2 here).


Understood and appreciated. Your diligence and assistance on this site are amazing. I just wish there were a simple solution! I will keep holding off until I can visit some of the places you list in the Washington DC area, though I know it will cause a few more weeks of bad sleep and hurting my back. If I can’t make it in the next couple of weeks (I am overseas half the time and when I am here in town I am chained to the office day and night!) then I will take a risk and buy on-line out of desperation. The worst that can happen is that it will be another big mistake and end up in the guest room! At this point from what I’ve read looks like a very good manufacturer, and their Organic Dreams mattress looks convincingly high quality though at $3,200 for a king it would certainly be pricey for a guest room. I’ll keep looking in the meantime. All suggestions are welcome!