Still shopping for mattress topper

I have got a lot of good information from Phoenix, thank you. I am still undecided about which topper I should buy. Are there any companies that will allow returns if we don’t like the topper? We really don’t have any local retailers where we could try out toppers before purchasing.

Hi sbulla,

I don’t have a specific list of which companies offer returns (you would need to check their websites) but if any of the big box stores (Costco, WalMart, Sams Club etc) carry a topper that is suitable for you then they usually offer a money back satisfaction guarantee and they are a good place to “experiment”.

Toppers are usually considered a “personal item” and not usually returnable (or sometimes you can return them but pay a fee or pay for shipping) but there are always exceptions.


I also don’t know if somebody offers returnable mattress toppers. But i would like to suggest you for getting from amazon.