Stomach/Side Sleeping with an Injury


I am brand new to the world of choosing mattresses to optimize health. I’ve never given much thought to mattresses impacting personal health but it seems this is very much the case as I get older (I’m 32). So I’ve recently begun to suspect that the mattresses I’ve been sleeping on have been impacting a chronic injury of mine. I had a hernia surgery in Dec 2019 but even though the hernia was fixed, the doc told me I have a massive amount of scar tissue in the inguinal canal (the part of your body where typical hernias occur, right around your waste line, close to the groin). Since then I’ve spent most of the time sleeping on a very soft mattress with an extra softener on top that sinks in greatly when I lay on it. I didn’t think much of it until I heard that this may not be good for people who sleep on their stomach as it can put extra pressure on your back (I usually sleep on my stomach and sometimes on my sides too). Jump to a week and a half ago and I’ve moved cities and am currently crashing on my friend’s pull out while I search for my own apartment. Over the course of the week my injury began to gradually become more agitated and I was struggling to understand why. Finally it hit me one morning when I woke up feeling pain around my injury. Usually a long night’s sleep is a great recharger for this injury and I usually feel a little stronger and with less pain when I wake up. But that was not the case this morning. The pull out I’ve been sleeping on is super stiff and I think me sleeping on my stomach and side is putting extra pressure on my injury. I was thinking I may buy a slightly more firm mattress than the one I’ve been using the past year so as to not put my back in jeopardy, but after this realization I am definitely more inclined to stick with something soft. Perhaps there is an inbetween? Such as a medium/soft firmness mattress?

Any recommendations and insight is highly appreciated! Thank you!