Stomach Sleeper Question

I always fall asleep on my belly, but eventually end up on my back. Looking to buy a Sleepez mattress soon. 5’10" 170 no back issues. I was thinking M/F/XF Tal / Dun/ dun but am worried it will be too firm. Thoughts? I have been struggling with some pressure points in my hips (piriformis muscles).

Also, it would seem I can get the same foundation that Sleepez sells from Amazon. Is that true?


Hi Rasolomg23,

I leave the specific recommendations to your discussions with each manufacturer (in this case SleepEz) because they have much more knowledge and experience with matching their mattress designs to specific customers than I do.

Having said that … and as a more generic guideline … since you don’t sleep on your side and spend time both on your stomach and back I would think that you may do well with the 9000 model (with a 2" comfort layer) because the comfort layer is thinner which will keep you closer to the support layers and in a more “neutral” alignment. I generally recommend the thinnest comfort layer that will provide good pressure relief in your most pressure prone position (which for most people is on their side but for you may be either back or stomach) which can provide better support for the flatter sleeping positions that are more prone to alignment issues. Stomach sleeping in particular is more risky with a thicker comfort layer because of the risk of sleeping in a swayback position so thinner comfort layers can reduce this risk.

The choice between Talalay and Dunlop is personal preference with Talalay being more lively but Dunlop being more supportive (it gets firmer faster with compression) than a Talalay layer with a similar ILD. Because of this … Dunlop middle and bottom layers may also be a good choice for your sleeping positions and circumstances with the Talalay on top for better pressure relief.

Of course your conversations with Shawn or Jeremy at SleepEz can be much more detailed and specific and if you have personal experience with testing specific latex combinations that worked well for you I would take that into account as well but these would be my more “generic” suggestions. There is more information and generic guidelines for different sleeping positions here, for different body types here and how these choices can be affected by different types of layering here.

You’d need to link the specific one you were wondering about but almost all of the KD foundations on Amazon such as the VersiFlex, the Easyfit, and most of the others I’m aware of made by CPS have slats that are more than 3" apart while the one that is sold by SleepEz has slats that are less than 3" apart which are more suitable for an all latex mattress. It also has a high quality organic cover. Regardless of which one you buy though I would make sure you confirm the slats are a maximum of 3" apart for an all latex mattress.