Stomach Sleeper

I’m thinking about buying a “Total Latex” mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, but I’m not sure if I should choose Dunlop or Talalay latex (at the same price) for the core layer. Suggestions? Thanks.


Hi murphster5t,

The choice between Dunlop and Talalay is really a personal preference. They are “different” in how they feel and respond (see post #7 here) but one is not “better” than another. For example I prefer Talalay because I like the more springy and responsive “feel” but my daughter prefers Dunlop (in all the layers) after testing both which is what she purchased but one person’s personal preferences doesn’t make one material better than another for the next person. For more on the differences you can read this article or post #6 here.

The best way to choose would be based on your own personal testing of both to see which you preferred. The next best way would be to have a little more detailed conversation with BB so they can give you more accurate information about how each option they make available will feel for most people because they are much more familiar with the specifics of the materials and the effect of the combinations they use than anyone else.