Store in San Diego

Trying to find the right latex mattress. I visited the Healthy Back store this afternoon and left thinking that the Bliss Elegance Pure Latex Mattress might be a good choice, priced at $2500 for a King. Before purchasing, I would like to get your take on this mattress and also see if you have any suggested stores in San Diego to visit/contact locally.


Hi JohnE,

The Pure Latex Bliss Elegance is certainly a good local value for a 12" blended Talalay latex mattress at their current sale prices IMO. You may however find a latex mattress in the area that wasn’t quite as thick that was also very suitable for your needs and preferences that may be less.

The better options I’m aware of in the San Diego area are in post #2 here. I would spend some time on the phone first talking with the various options you have (and telling them about the PLB Elegance) to see if they have anything comparable that you would want to test.