Strobel Supplepedic

Does anyone have ant experience with this product. Their website discusses their proprietary foam top layer called “Polyfilax”

Hi kbmw94,

There are some things I like about Strobel and some that I don’t …

First of all, I agree with his stance about the so called “benefits” of the fire retardant regulation 1633. Like him I believe that it has caused more harm both in terms of mattress cost and diversity and in terms of actual benefit (I believe it has caused far more harm than the “problem” it was designed to address).

Having said that … I also believe that some of his “information” is not completely correct and is somewhat misleading IMO … particularly as it concerns using wool and silica impregnated viscose (like Milliken or Visil) as a fire barrier.

I also find his re-branding to be somewhat misleading. Polyfilax is clearly a soy based visco memory foam (where a small percentage of polyols derived from petrochemicals have been replaced with soy based polyols) and these are manufactured by many foam manufacturers and used inside many mattresses. Bio-based polyfoam and memory foam is just a “word” that makes polyfoam or memory foam sound “greener” than it really is. Polyfilax is just a way for Strobel to “differentiate” themselves from the word “memory foam” for marketing purposes. They don’t manufacture their own foam … they buy it from foam pouring manufacturers just like other mattress manufacturers.

They use latex in their mattresses which is great … but they don’t give any information about the type and ILD of the latex or the individual layers in the mattresses. Perhaps they will give this information with a phone call.

Their lever system in theory could provide extra lumbar “support” (which could be helpful or detrimental depending on the circumstances) but so can many other methods of manufacturing a mattress or different types of zoning schemes.

So IMO … most of the site is about “re-branding” and marketing and the price and value of their mattresses reflect this. While they certainly seem to be quality mattresses and I respect his stance on the fire regulations … I do not believe these mattresses have real value compared to many other options that are available … particularly when compared to local independent manufacturers or even some of the better higher value national brands. They are significantly overpriced and I would not buy one at anywhere near the prices I have seen.


Thanks Phoenix. It is all about the branding, re-marketing, and if I might, deception. Still on the hunt.