Struggling to find the proper mattress. Need recommendations please.

Almost a year ago I realized why my mattress had become less comfortable and that was that the mattress had sagged and springs were poking through as well. Some months later I realized I could just flip it over so I did. While slightly better, it’s still got bad spots I can’t sleep on and I’m pretty much confined to one side of the bed.

Upon this discovery I was looking up mattresses and found Zinus. Several months go by and here I am. I finally have some money to use towards a new mattress and I’ve been considering all kinds of sites to order from, including Zinus. I’ve seen a lot of dislike here for the company (mostly, if not all from Phoenix). Is this an indication that it’s recommended to avoid Zinus at all costs – no matter the budget? If so, please explain the precise reason.

As for preferences/needs I live in a very hot and humid part of the US so I don’t want a bed that will get really hot. I’ve never had anything but spring beds in my life as far as I know. I’m not opposed to getting something with foam. I don’t really care as long as the new bed is enjoyable.

Aside from the weather I think my preference is side-sleeping since I tend to do that a lot when I’m conscious but when I wake up I’m almost always on my back or side. I’m 6’3" 350 lbs. and looking for a Queen size bed, no compromises on size.

I also need to replace the bedcover because of the holes the springs poked through the old one and I need sheets too. I want to get percale replacements because I really like percale sheets. Finally I need a bed frame, preferably one with storage underneath that can have a mattress set right on top of it. Once again, the selections of metal frames from Zinus are appealing.

With all of that said I have a budget of about $400 (including shipping). I’m okay with having to wait a little bit to slowly collect the funds to purchase the mattress, sheets and frame. After doing some reading I’m also considering a protector.

So far as far as mattresses and frames go, these are the things I’ve done some research on and considering:

LUCID Queen Hybrid Mattress - $330

Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid ($299)

Olee 13" galaxy Euro Box Top Spring ($270)

Signature Sleep 13" Pillow-Top ($315-399)
(This one was $399 when I first saw it and it dropped to $329 the next day. I saw reviews indicating it was $315 at some point. When I saw it at $329 it was on backorder. Within the same day it disappeared and the only remaining options are $790. Obviously it should be back for the proper price one day).

Classic Brands Gramercy Euro Top Hybrid 14-inch ($331)

FlexusComfort Max Rest Double Regular Top ($225) - 5% off from MU

Beloit Mattress Majestic Plush Top ($304) - 5% off from MU

Beloit Mattress Innerspring Majestic Flippable ($364) - 5% off from MU

Zinus 14 inch gel-infused Hybrid ($370)

Zinus Mint Green Foam Hybrid Spring ($186) *

Zinus Steel Elite 14" SmartBase Frame ($131) *

Zinus Steel Premium 18" SmartBase Frame ($100) *

Zinus Steel Deluxe 16" SmartBase Frame ($106) *

  • I can get 10% off orders from the Zinus website.

Just noticed too that Olee has a wider selection of frames which also have a lower minimum price:

(The frame height depends on the height of the bed.)

Am I looking in the right places or doing something really wrong? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I’m a latex specialist and none of the models you mention use latex so I would not be the right person for these questions. Here’s what I can tell with certainty, none of those models will last you very long at 350 lbs. Zinus is made in China as far as I know and will be loaded with unregulated chemicals which can do harm to your immune system. I strongly suggest you hold off and save your money until you can afford an all latex mattress or latex with coils. Those are the best choices for something that will not only be comfortable but also hold up to your weight.

Alright thank you.

You are very welcome