such a bad mattress

Phoenix you were right. this mattress is junk… I’m going to stop by dixiefoam tomorrow and get a real mattress. this base is so soft and flimsy. how can they actually sell this on the market.

Hi maverick3934,

The Sealy Embody line which is a so called “higher quality” and higher priced memory foam line than the Comfort series made by Sealy uses 1.5 lb polyfoam for their support layers (which is lower quality base foam than most “budget” mattresses). While I didn’t find the specific density/quality of the Comfort series base foam, you can be certain that it is at least the same lower quality polyfoam as the higher priced Embody line and probably even worse. The base foam of a memory foam mattress is a big part of it’s value and performance so while they “promote” the use of medium quality memory foam in the mattress … they conveniently neglect to mention the low quality of the support layers underneath the memory foam. This is fairly typical of the majors where they promote the “obvious” but skimp on the materials that they don’t want people to know about hoping that people will compare apples to oranges when they make comparisons.

Dixie foam is a much better choice in terms of quality/value :slight_smile:


Phoenix weight of the mattress in full size is 51 lbs. So therefore 4 lb density foam x 3 inches should be about 30~ lbs. So the 7 inches of support is only 20 lbs. thats about is 1.2 polyfoam not much less than the embody. That’s pretty the same junk if you ask me. So I guess the only mainstream manufacturer with a decent support foam is tempurpedic. Hard to believe that no major manufacturer actually cares about giving customers a good product.

Hi maverick,

I was looking everywhere for a shipping weight so I could calculate the density of the base foam but I didn’t find it. I knew it was 1.5 or less but not the specifics. Thank you for providing it :slight_smile:

So for those who want to follow the math …

54" x 75" x 3" = 7.03 cu. ft x 4 lbs = 28.13 lbs for the memory foam

Shipping weight 51 lbs - memory foam weight 28.1 lbs = polyfoam weight 22.9 lbs

54" x 75" x 7" = 16.41 cu. ft of polyfoam.

22.9 lbs / 16.4 lbs = 1.4 lbs and if you take off the weight of the cover you are closer to 1.2 - 1.3 as you mentioned.

So it’s even worse than I thought. I was giving them credit that it may have been the same as the Embody without the “engineering” of the core but as your shipping weight made possible to see … it’s even worse. I’ve seen mattresses that are only a few hundred dollars that use better base foam than this. Unbelievable.

Thanks again for filling in the shipping weight gap and making the specifics possible to know.

You’re also right about the Tempurpedic … they at least use good quality materials, including their base foam (except in their Simplicity line which only uses 2.5 lb density memory foam which is also “junk” IMO but at least it uses about 1.8 lb base foam).


I might subtract a couple of pounds for shipping materials as well. The boxes and even the plastic can add up to a few pounds (combined).

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