Suggested retailer in Orange/LA county CA

Hi. I’m looking for a reputable retailer in this area. Thanks

Hi adamle33, and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

With all the turmoil and turnover in businesses over the last few years, we can no longer provide geographic listings for manufacturers and showrooms. This Post from May 2021 on Los Angeles showrooms may be informative.

Several of the Trusted Members of the site, like BioSleep Concept and Foam Sweet Foam are located near L.A. in Riverside, and Flexus Comfortis in Covina, and there is also Mattress Makers in San Diego as well. Also, most of the Trusted Members of the site do ship across the U.S.; perhaps other forum members in the Los Angeles area can share their experience with other local mattress showrooms as well.

~ Basilio