Suite Sleep reviews?

I was hoping to find some reviews or feedback for anyone who has experience with Suite Sleep mattresses. They seem to be of excellent quality. I found quite a few comments on covers and related parts of the product, which also sounded positive. If anyone has anything to offer, thanks in advance.

We offer several Suite Sleep products, although not their mattresses. We’ve found their products to be reliable - in fact, I have had a Suite Sleep mattress pad on my pad for 3.5 years and it still looks good as new. Their sourcing is careful - they source high-quality, all natural and organic materials to make their products.

They have also been around for quite some time - one of the pioneers in sustainable bedding. They have been excellent partners for us, and our customers like their mattress protectors and toppers very well - so I would expect the same quality from their mattresses.

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Thank you for sharing those comments. Those fit my perception of quality. It sounds like they have a lot of mattresses in certain hotel chains, as well.

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Yes, they do - I forgot to mention that. I think that is also a good indicator of their quality.