Sultan Edselle and Talalay topper

Hi again
What a process on getting the right mattress that suits our needs.
We first tried a Costco Sleep Science 10" /3’Dunlop 85/15 % natural 7"of Poly and it was way to firm so it went back. It was compressed for delivery.
So last week we bought the IKEA Sultan Edselle which is 7" of Dunlop 85/15% natural and is flip-able which we like. It feels pretty good but I wake up to move once or twice because of the firmness. It was boxed, wrapped and was not compressed for delivery.
We tried a 3" Talalay topper that we bought from however there were some issues with it.
The topper was compressed and did not pop back flat and curled at the sides. When measuring the the depth at the sides of the topper compared to where the body would lay there was a considerable difference of almost 1 " less or 33% at the body impression point.
The cover was not flip-able and had a matt style bottom. The latex itself seemed to be very plush and soft and we so wanted this to work however it looked as if it had been slept on by a 350 lb man for 5 years.

Do you think that we got a bad one (topper) and should try ordering a new again?

Would a 1 or 2" talalay be a better choice?

Hi jege41,

No foam does very well when it has been compressed for long periods of time in transit or storage. If it didn’t come right back I would call it “defective” yes … even if it wasn’t defective when it was made. This is more common with Dunlop that has been compressed for long periods of time but regardless I would send it back.

I don’t know the answer to this because it would depend on too many variables (including your body type, sleeping positions, perceptions, and preferences) and on the type and degree of change from your current mattress you are looking for that only you can answer. The most accurate way to know for sure would be to test a specific mattress/topper combination in person (either before or after a purchase).

If this isn’t possible (and of course in many cases it isn’t) … then it would be based on more subjective factors and the guidelines in post #8 here would be the guidelines I would use.

I would probably be tempted to exchange for another Costco topper to see if the next one is better. The worst case is that it would give you a reference point of how a 28 ILD 3" Talalay topper feels and performs in combination with your mattress with little risk attached :slight_smile:


As always you don’t disappoint with your knowledgeable advice and information.
I don’t know if you knew but the Sultan Edselle is 200 $ cheaper here in Canada and I would assume it is because of a lower standard for fire retardant? Also the Edselle is shipped in a box and wrapped in plastic, not rolled or compressed.
Thank you

Hi jege41,

I’d been to both the US and Canadian sites but I never made the connection between the significant price difference between them. That’s very interesting. Of course the difference in the fire regulations could account for some of this but it doesn’t seem likely that it would account for all of it.

Thanks for making me aware of it. That makes its “value” even better in Canada :).

It’s good too that they don’t sit compressed in a warehouse somewhere which really can cause issues. Apparently they do ship some of their mattresses compressed but I don’t know which is which or for how long they are compressed.