I am thinking of getting a king size latex mattress and need a new bed base also. Has anyone used the Ikea Sultan Laxeby as a base? If so how do you think it works, was it hard to assemble and did you use an Ikea bedframe or another model. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

Hi billpac,

I don’t own one myself but you can read a bit about the laxeby in this thread

If your mattress is on the thinner side then the adjustable slats can help fine tune your mattress and make it firmer under the hips/pelvis or shoulders but the slat adjustments will have less effect on thicker mattresses. They are also flexible and “springy” so if you tested your mattress on a firm non flexing foundation the extra give can affect how the mattress feels and performs compared to a rigid slatted base or platform.

Most of the feedback I’ve read about them have mentioned they were a little difficult and somewhat time consuming to put together (each slat has to be fitted into the cup on each side).

They can be used with any bedframe or support system that has side rails and a center support as long as it fits well and matches up with the load bearing surfaces on the Laxeby so I would make sure you measure the bedframe carefully.

You can also read more comments about them in a forum search on the Ikea Fans forum here.