Sweetzzz Honey Hybrid

I found a promising sounding latex hybrid online called the Sweetzzz Honey Hybrid. It has microcoils and pocketed coils which sound like a solution to my pressure point problem. It also sounds firm enough that I can move around on it easity. I could not find them on the BBB website.; Has anyone haeard of this mattress or own one?

I have since found out that the Dunlop latex is 5.1 lb. and the coils are 13 gauge. The only downside is that the mattress is compressed and shipped in a box. That isn’t optimum but may not be a deal breaker.

OOne thing that concerns me about the mattress is that the 5.1 lb. dunlop latex laver is onl 1" inch thick. Directly under that is the m\4" microcoils that is probably counted as a comfort layer. Perhaps that makes up for the thinness of the latex. The microcoils sit directly on top of the 8" of 13 gauge, tempered steel pocketed coils. The base layer is organic cotton and wool.

While I can’t comment on the Honey Hybrid mattress, I made a purchase from them several years ago which was their then current Natures Novel mattress. After I received it and the trial period was over I determined that they had misrepresented some details about it as far as the type of foam used and the cover content. I found that the law tag didn’t support their claim of cotton and wool in the cover and showed 60% polyurethane foam of what was supposed to be all latex.

When I contacted them about it they were very responsive and explained that they had updated their website to be more clear about the mattress content, but since it was misrepresented to me they offered to provide a full refund of my purchase price. It may also be of interest that the mattress was drop shipped to me directly from Brooklyn Bedding who was apparently the OEM builder of their mattress. Hope you find this info helpful.

  • Bill

I find that disconcerting. One thing I question is their claim that the coils are 13 guage. Don’t they have to be a lot thinnir to compress into a 20"x20"x40" box? they claim there are over 1,000 of them and over 1,000 of the microcoils. I also question if just 1" of Dunlp\op latex is sufficient. The rest of the mattress is coils and a little wool and cotton. I have seen nothing but rave reviews about the mattress.

As far as “nothing but rave reviews” you’ve seen I’d be hesitant to put much faith in them. Virtually all of the mattress review sites are affiliate marketers who are motivated to sell the mattresses they review by commissions they receive on sales. Reviews on many companies own sites are often curated with any negative reviews removed.

I believe that! I found that out about Saatva. One customer said he could no longer log onto his account because he gave a negative review that was deleted. I have returned a few mattress toppers and exchanged one mattress for another. I asked a lot of questions on chat. I can no longer log into my account either. I am returning the second mattress from them, which is not comfortable at all after sleeping on it for over a month.

At least you’re fortunate that they’re accepting a return of a second mattress, many companies only accept one return per customer and an exchange is considered a final purchase.

Hi gregtames,

I wanted to chime in here briefly; I took a look at the Honey Hybrid on the Sweetzzz site; I agree 1" of Dunlop is a bit thin atop the 4" micro coils for a comfort layer; they also give the latex density at 5.1 lbs…the Honey Hybrid would be at the higher end of medium-firm comfort level. They do have GOTS and GOLS certificates on their site atttesting to their materials being organic, but the experience of @Sweet_Dreams (thanks as always for your helpful reply!) does give one pause, though they did make it right in this instance. Another consideration is, as a young company (it seems they started around early 2021), if they don’t survive in the marketplace, there will be no one to service warranties or assist customers.

The coil gauge is not an in common one as well as the coil count; the normal process if for the coils to be machine compressed, then put in a folding machine, usually with a thin sheet of HD foam on top to protect the coils as it’s folded into a smaller rectangle, boxed and shipped. A dual coil layer is a very specific feel as well and adding a topper to provide additional thickness to the comfort layer, to this 13" mattress would give you a quite tall height profile ( just food for thought).

Just wanted to give you a little more information - a well informed consumer is the best one to cut through the ‘hype’ and find the best option for their needs!

~ Basilio

Thank you! I found a critique of the company that was negative: Sweet ZZZ Mattress Pros

Some quick thoughts include:

  1. There is no live chat option. I have found live chat to be very helpful on other websites so this is a strike against.
  2. There is no email address or phone number listed. There is a form to submit for a callback, but this just has the feel of a company hiding behind a website.
  3. There is no address listed on the Contact Us page.
  4. The checkout (shopping cart) has a less professional feel to it compared to most of the competition. The company accepts Amazon and Google pay.
  5. Expect to pay 9% sales tax.
  6. The website claims that there are 3,721 (as of January 30, 2021), yet I cannot find any comments, complaints, or… anything in BBB, Consumer Affairs, Consumer Reports, Reddit, etc. And the big “review” YouTube channels don’t have reviews on this company. Yet 3,721 reviews on sweetzzzmattress.com eh? This is FISHY!
    I don’t have a good feeling about this company so it is not a company that I would purchase anything from. Please let me know if you have any experience with them to help me figure them out.
    According to Bill at Reddit (a guy whose opinion I trust) states that Sweet Zzz is manufactured by Brooklyn Bedding. So this might be a drop shipping operating. This means it could be a teenager in his/her parent’s basement haha.

You may as well go straight to brooklynbedding.com since they have a massive factory pumping out mattresses for many other companies. So they must be doing something right.